2008 Financial Crisis

During the financial meltdown, you could often find me in a live truck outside the most troubled bank of the moment. I served as a field producer to coordinate live hits for CNBC as well as NBC and MSNBC. My responsibilities included coordinating reporter production elements with newsdesk and show producers, communicating our evolving schedule with our truck operator and crew, and staying abreast of new developments in the story.

I was on site with the first team the morning Bear Stearns imploded, working with Reporter Bertha Coombs.

I was also called in to help with Lehman Brothers the night before the bank filed for bankruptcy. CNBC had decided to go live that Sunday with a special to alert viewers of the developments and provide perspective. Our job was to show what was happening at Lehman Brothers’ New York headquarters. We got color from employees who were often more comfortable commenting off camera, on background. Please click the image below to be redirected to cnbc.com to watch the one of these reports.